What Happens At London SEO Conferences?

What really happens at the SEO london conferences? I’ve been asked tons of times. When you have to spend thousands to enter the conference, it’s quite evident the barrier to entry is quite high.

If I were to be honest on what goes on at these conferences, I would have to share some information that I’m not allowed to, however I will try to explain what goes on without breaking any contracts or terms and conditions.

These conferences are often held in large halls, stadiums or even the back of a strip club. Yes those exist in Las Vegas. You will find the walls decorated with posters of the topic that is being shared, in this case SEO. The walls are therefore dedicated to having pictures and posters of anchor text, link building, white hat SEO and all these other concepts all around you.

Surrounding yourself in a room full of fancy jargon isn’t going to get you anywhere though. The stuff that I think gives you the most benefit from a SEO conference specifically the ones in London, is the fact that you get to meet the most awesome people. London is home to many entrepreneurs and famous marketers, so having these people sitting next to you, being on stage or even just walking past you, gives you the ability to soak up all their knowledge in an easy and convenient way.

Overcoming the fear of attending the conference is the biggest key in making sure this goes well. Many people have anxiety from attending such a large event and having to deal with all these people. If you are able to get past your social anxiety and actually remove yourself from your basement with your laptop, you should be able to meet these people and grow your awareness around SEO.

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