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July 2017

Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill Review

After I got fed up with my old grill (talk about a slew of igniting problems), I bought the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill. I am a big barbecue fan so a grill was very important to me and I was getting tired of settling for uneven steaks and ribs. A chef friend of mine recommended that I give the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill a try and since I’ve started using it, I have not regretted my purchase.
The first thing I noticed about the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill while I was cooking was how it heats my food evenly. I didn’t have to worry about cold spots or exceptionally hot spots. Grilling has become easy and I have this grill to thank for it. Also, the cooking area was spacious enough so I could cook for a group. I love entertaining and this is a big plus factor for me. Thanks to the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill, I can now say goodbye to my ignition problems. In my former grill, I had to wait 5 minutes to retry the ignition when my first try wouldn’t relight. Talk about a major hassle!

I also like how the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill is so easy to clean. The bottom tray funnels really work so I don’t have to worry about being up to my elbows in suds trying to clean my grill. The grill has four burners and they work just fine. Needless to say, I am so happy with my panini press amazon that if ever this one conks out, I’m buying the exact same model and brand (unless a newer version is available).

Another great thing. Since I’ve started using the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill, it still looks as good as new. Of course it has gotten a little greasy over time but I see no discoloration or other signs of wear and tear. My old grill rusted in weeks even if I cleaned it and kept it as dry as possible.

I highly recommend the Weber 5810001 Summit Gold A4 Natural Gas Grill to anyone who enjoys the taste of grilled food and to those who enjoy entertaining. Don’t even bother checking out other brands. This is the one for you!

Panasonic ER224S Beard trimmer review

Panasonic will get its hands on anything electronic – even beard trimmers. Certainly, the company has its own history in manufacturing quality electronic hair clippers. The same quality standard has carried over into the Panasonic ER224S

The Panasonic ER224S definitely has all the essentials of a beard trimmer, and even more. It’s portable, it trims without nicking the skin, and it is wireless. Yes, Folks, It’s Wireless

The Panasonic ER224S is becoming immensely popular due to its portability and design. It doesn’t just function well, but also looks outstanding. Its sleek design, together with its black-on-silver body, makes it an ornament and not an eyesore in your bathroom. The Panasonic ER224S is a great asset to a bearded guy’s bathroom. It’s water-resistant, and it will work for you as long as you don’t plan on trimming your beard underwater. It can resist a decent amount of moisture, and that comes in handy, since most guys realize the need to trim during or after a bath.

The Panasonic ER224S is also simple to use. With a turn of the dial, you can select from 14 different lengths to cut your beard. That means that you don’t need 20 different attachments that you can lose any time. As an added safety feature, the dial locks in place once you have switched the trimmer on, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally shortening your beard by pressing the trimmer too hard on your chin. The blades on the ER224S are expertly made with stainless steel and are built to last a long time. The blades are sharp and rarely need to be replaced. The spring-loaded razor mechanism is quiet and it doesn’t vibrate much when in use.

Also, the Panasonic ER224S has an outstanding battery life. You have up to ten trims in one single charge. It comes with a dock that lets the trimmer stand upright while charging.

In a Nutshell, What Makes the ER224S Great Is:

  • Wireless operation
  • Water-resistant design
  • Built-in length selector
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonable price (only $20 at
  • best beard trimmers for men reviews says its great


While the ER224S might sound like the perfect beard trimmer, there are a couple of things that would have made it a little better.

  • Difficult access to fine trimmer
  • Specific angles of trimming
  • Takes eight hours to charge
  • Non – replaceable guide

It would have been really great if the length guide were easy to remove. To remove the length guide, you would have to move the trimmer to its longest length, and then pop the guide off. Removing the guide doesn’t feel safe at all. You may get the feeling that you may break the guide, and that’s a real downside, since there are no current replacement parts for the guide as of this writing.

Also, the ER224S only works at specific angles. When the trimmer is at an angle where the dials face upwards and the top slope is in contact with the surface, you have to shave downwards or do it the other way around. It’s the only way the trimmer would work. It’s confusing, as this is not indicated in the ER224S’ user guide. It may have been added as a safety feature, but it would have really helped if it was shown somewhere about using the trimmer in the right angles.





Overall, the Panasonic ER224S is a solid piece of hair-cutting equipment. It trims nicely, it’s portable, and it’s water resistant. There may be a learning curve at first, but once you get the hang of it, it would definitely be worth the price you pay for it.

Champion Juicer’s Cleansing and Healing Cabbage Juice

If you are on a raw food diet, you will find that juicing forms an important part of your daily food preparation. With a juicer like Champion Juicer, the essence of raw fruits and vegetables is effectively extracted so that what you receive is the best of each raw ingredients.

I am going to highlight an excellent cleansing juice extracted with the Champion Juicer. It is especially effective for some of you who suffer from peptic and duodenal ulcers. Cabbage belongs to the cruciferous family, same as kale, broccoli, watercress and collard greens. Recent studies shows that regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables lowers the risk of colon, lung, breast and prostate cancer significantly. Red cabbage juice extracted by the Champion Juicer has even more nutrients for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

The raw cabbage juice extracted by the Champion Juicer is full of Vitamin C, K, B6, Calcium, Manganese, Folic Acid, Anti-Oxidant and Phytochemical. It is low in calories but high in Sulphur and Chlorine. The combination of these two compounds causes a cleansing of mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract. This is only effective when it is consumed in its raw juice state. When you cook cabbage, you kill the special myrosinase enzyme that makes the cabbage so healing, thus making cabbage less effective as an anti cancer food.

Drinking Champion Juicer’s cabbage juice straight might be a little too much in the beginning for some of you. Simply mix it with carrot juice. Start with juicing carrots with Champion Juicer, then add some cabbage leafs until you are used to the taste and its cleansing effect.

Caution: Do not add salt to Champion Juicer’s raw cabbage juice. It will not only destroy its cleansing value, but it may be harmful.

Side note: See ReviewYourJuicer to pick up a juicer for making the cleansing and healing juice!

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